Investing For Retirement

Fully-managed investment accounts, driven by human investment research and computer-driven asset allocation. Sit back and watch your retirement assets grow.

How It Works

Get a fully-managed investment account, where all you do is create a Plan. Tell us your goals and your tolerance for risk. We will research, determine a portfolio composition, acquire and then actively manage your account going forward.


We are value investors, following a Graham-Dodd, bottoms-up approach to investing. Intrinsic value provides a key level of support for portfolio values.


Performance in only 2-clicks. Its never been easier to see exactly how you are doing.


Investment strategy and selection is led by Carson Cole, an expert in value-based investing with over 25 years of institutional investment management experience.

Market Decline is an Overreaction

January 20, 2016

Markets are trading down and it is a classic overreaction. There are many factors weighing on the conscience of the market, but as time passes, these current factors will diminish in significance.

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Stock Buybacks Benefit Shareholders

Nov 23, 2015

Record levels of corporate stock buybacks this year, on pace to be likely the largest ever, have brought into focus the question of whether shareholders are the resulting beneficiaries. Usually, the answer is yes.....

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Get Your 401K/IRA Working!

Retirement is all that better with a strong and growing IRA. Don't let your 401K or IRA sit around. Get it working! A NUKU Roth or Traditional IRA will be invested directly in stocks and bonds that can provide a solid future financial foundation.

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How it Works

Fully-managed account

All accounts are fully-managed investment accounts. All you do is tell us your Plan. Want growth? Want income? You set the terms and we get to work. See our Model Growth, Income and Balanced Portfolios >

Robo + Human mind

NUKU is not your typical robo investment advisor. We use individual stocks and bonds, vetted through human research, that are then chosen by our software based on the information you provide through our website in its management of your account.

One Fee Only

We only charge an asset-based fee. And we don't utilize funds, other than for cash management purposes, which typically have embedded fees. See our Fee Schedule >

Professional Custody

Accounts are held at Interactive Brokers LLC., a leading global brokerage firm. Accounts are covered by SIPC as well as an exceess SIPC policy of $150,000,000. Read more about how account custody>

Investment Strategy

Value based methodology

Value-based investing is our core methodology. We follow a fundamental, bottoms-up, Graham-Dodd approach to research. We seek out investments with the highest risk-adjusted return potential and we only consider investments with proven track records, coupled with high opportunity.

Seeking Opportunity

We scour the world looking for value, which may be found in a brand, increasingly popular product, a new trend, or even an undiscovered balance sheet asset. We examine financials and consider a myriad of factors in our review of an investment.

We look for companies whose sails are being propelled by the winds of business success, but have underlying intrinsic value that will keep them afloat in the strongest of storms.


Performance in 2-clicks

Two-clicks is all it takes to see the performance of your account at NUKU. Performance should be a key factor for choosing an investment manager and through your account console we make it easy for you to see how you are doing any time.

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Dedicated focus

NUKU's investment team is led by Carson R. Cole, an over 25-year veteran of institutional investment management. His extensive experience in managing and trading bonds and equities globally over the course of numerous investment cycles will be utilized by every NUKU account.

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