$1000 Bonus Online 401k Rollover Offer

Transfer in a 401k Rollover IRA and get a credit of up to $1,000 in management fees

With this special, we will cover up to $1,000 in management fees for the first six months of your account, no strings attached.

To Redeem:

Email support@nuku.com or tell NUKU by phone that you'd like the 401K ROLLOVER IRA OFFER deal when opening your account.

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What you get with a NUKU 401(k) Rollover IRA:

Automated Portfolio Allocation

Your portfolio will be automatically allocated to the stock and bond investments that we believe will meet your financial goals. We review the portfolio daily and will automatically make adjustments to your investment mix as needed.

One Fee Only

We charge only one management fee ranging from 1.5% to as low as 0.75% (based on size of assets). There are no commissions or other transaction costs and we do not use funds, which avoids unnecessary additional management fees.

Dedicated Research

We do all our own research. We examine every company and security to find the best opportunities possible, and we include most major global markets.

Online Plan Management

You manage your investment plan online and can change it as often as you like. We'll even reallocate to new investments as needed and at no additional cost.

Performance in 2-Clicks

See the performance of your account online in only 2-clicks. We don't hide performance, and show it net of fees so you can see exactly how well your investments are performing.

Sophicated Reporting

Individual lot reports, short- and long-term gains and losses, transaction reports and more–everything a professional investor would want.

High Liquidity

We only use liquid tradeable investments on major markets so withdrawaling money from your account is quick and easy. At most we require 3 days for trade settlement before funds can be transferred.

No Committment

Cancel anytime, with no penalties.

* The fine print: Offer is available until December 31, 2015. Offer is for new clients only and for up to $1,000 in management fees, or six-months (ending on the last day of the six month of your 401k Rollover IRA account being open), whichever is used up or time has passed, first.