Start Investing Your 401k

You've worked hard to build your 401(k). Now you need to invest it. Take control with a NUKU traditional rollover IRA or Roth IRA account.

It is important to have your retirement investments working for you. Your dependence on your investments may be high, so effectively positioning them is very important.

Traditional IRA VS. Roth IRA - Which IRA to choose?

No IRA fees

Avoid costly IRA fees or 401k custodian fees that are typically charged in accounts that are rolled-over from 401k's. At NUKU, there are NO IRA fees, and we reimburse up to $500 of IRA transfer fees.

Own Direct Investments

At NUKU, you will directly own individual stocks and bonds that have been selected to meet your specific investment goals. We do not use ETF's or mutual funds. We research every investment extensivelly, determine which provide the best risk-reward, and acquire a diversified portfolio that is designed just for you.

Easy Withdrawals

You are in complete control with a NUKU IRA account. Withdrawals are easy. Other than what the IRS may require, we have no withdrawals restrictions or fees.

Benefits of a NUKU IRA

  • Online access
  • Online control of your investment goals
  • Mobile accessible (iPhone, Android)
  • Withdrawals easy (usually within 3 days)
  • No IRA fees
  • Up to $500 reimbursement for transfer fees
  • Directly own stocks and bonds (No funds)