NUKU Announces Partnership with Interactive Brokers

July 2, 2015  

Bainbridge, Washington, USA, July 2, 2015 - NUKU Asset Inc. (“NUKU”) today announced that it is now partnered with Interactive Brokers (“IB”) to serve as a custodian for NUKU client accounts. Accounts that are currently held by First Southwest Corporated, will be transferred to Interactive Brokers once approval is obtained from individual clients. All new account will also utilize Interactive Brokers going forward.

Interactive Brokers Group, through its subsidiary Interactive Brokers LLC, is one of the largest broker-dealers in the U.S. by trade volume, with approximately 600,000 trades daily in June 2015. IB will also now provide the ability for NUKU to transact globally, in up to 24 countries and 18 currencies.

Carson Cole, the founder and Chief Investment Officer, commented “Interactive Brokers will give us the ability to expand our capabilities for clients to have a diversified global portfolio of investments, and with their fully-electronic platform and cutting-edge technologies, we will be able to further leverage our own technology offering individually-tailored accounts to clients.”

Interactive Brokers LLC:

NUKU Asset Inc. is an SEC-registered Investment Advisor, offering active investment management for individual, corporate and trust accounts fully online at NUKU Asset follows a value-based investment methodology and combines it with technology to manage individually-tailored portfolios.

For more information contact:
Carson Cole
Founder and Chief Investment Officer
+1 (206) 596-2110
Twitter: @nuku